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That is JUST what it is. It carries no judgement, no coloring, one way or another.. Now, what makes Kaali is what touches it. You have it conjunct the ASC.

The Love Asteroids

In another client with this placement, she LOST her vital energy to the environment. You have the Sun there, too, so that complicates it. Honestly, I would need you to tell me. Come and discuss it, in the Forum, if you want to discuss it. You can discuss it, here, too, if you would rather. Let me pick your brain. I learn from the people with the aspects, such as you. Do you have lots of confidence, especially when people first meet you? Let me throw out a few thoughts. However, wehave the Sun in there, so it may go either way, now.

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What do you think? By some sources, this is the highest magical energy more like the Eloptic Black Light of Sirius. This is the one of the most powerful forms of the Shakti energy. This may be the one of the reasons why the others are expecting too much from the ones with the Natal charts of this kind. Well, to me, Kaali is the Kundalini energy, which is our basic life energy.

How Astrology Affects Appearance

Kundalini energy is our life force, energy wise. That is how I see Kaali. I have some really interesting position or linkage by Magi of kaali in synastry. Yes, it is complicated. This kind of complicated aspect propels a person to really study Astrology. When I do a natal chart, it takes me days.

When I do a synastry, it make take me a week. That is how complex a chart is. Thanks a lot! So nice to meet you in the web dear Amiann. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you offer. Excellent read! Oh Rosella Thank you so very much. I am honored and thanks for taking the time to write! I have a Forum if you want to come and put up your chart!

There is no charge. Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site. I such a lot no doubt will make certain to don?

With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement? Do you know any ways to help reduce content from being ripped off? By the way, I am really loving this list. Thank you Marissa ASteroids have to become like friends to me before I can use them.

Then, as you use them, you see their twists and turns. There is little out there on them, so each Astrologer is an explorer. Let me know what you find. How and join my Fourm, if you would like. You can put your chart up in my Personal readings and ask any questions you would like. Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is awesome, nice written and come with almost all significant infos.

I wonder how this might play out if we were to interact more? He is the doctor who informed me ten years ago that my father was dying of a heart attack. I met him again recently on a consultation for my own heart. Will I benefit from it? You would be going through the hard time and HE would be comforting you. I don't think we can say more from that one aspect, V.

I don't think we can answer the question, just based on that is what I mean.

Thanks to you Ami, i know where to start! I have ishtar in my first house conjunct my steamy mercury. I have not studied this, Apple. With the Sun at the center of our solar system, the first object of substantial mass and solidity which the light from the Sun can theoretically fall on and …illuminate… is Mercury. After Mercury comes Venus, a hot little planet long associated with hot little moments, but which astrologically is better conceived of as the quality which attracts the thing which pleases us—when everything goes well, that is.

As to Venus in negative mode, the fact that the Venusian atmosphere is rife with sulfuric acid seems just the thing. The idea would be melting your heart and other parts attached : do you want to be wounded by love, or retribution? Venus also represents our ability—yea verily our need—to adapt certain… pragmatic adaptations in support of eventual success. Earth and Moon duly ignored for the moment, Mars, last of the inner planets, is the astrological symbol of assertiveness, either as aggression or courage. But going towards what? The next planet out is Jupiter Zeus to the Greeks. But between Mars commencement and Jupiter reaching knowledge, expanded comprehension is one big giant gap.

How big a gap? From Sun to Earth is 0. From the Sun to Mars? But from Mars to Jupiter? In that gap lies the main asteroid belt. Thought to be remnants of planets which never formed and a few solar-systemic objects which broke apart either through collisions or sheer geomagnetic torture space is so not a genteel place! In scanning this main asteroid belt scientists have come up with a list of Top Ten Largest Objects.

And that Psyche orbits and is not in all places at all times? This suggests that we will at times try to evade or work around Psyche. But is that in our best interest? Considering that Psyche is large enough to perturb affect, disrupt or alter the path of other asteroids, maybe not. In terms of composition, Psyche is an M-type metallic asteroid.

What does that tell us? Among other things, given that existence manifests as various forms of transmission and metals are excellent conductors, this suggests that Psyche and all the other M-type asteroids symbolize how we conduct our life, the qualities of our conduct which help or hinder us along our path and what in life will help conduct us towards our goal.

Anything which invites or forces us to change is metamorphic. Or the magical seeming transformation of mortal coal into diamonds. With an orbital period of 4. This orbit also means that Psyche spends just under half a year in each sign. Does this mean that Psyche transits to the natal chart tell us what will help or hinder us—or be transformed? That too. As plainly as Psyche the asteroid is able to affect the orbits of other asteroids, so our psyche is able to throw us off, too.

And what about the myth here? The simple answer here is that Psyche is about trust—whether we trust ourselves. In Greek mythology, Psyche was a maiden so gloriously beautiful that folks would travel miles and miles just to behold her. This is the astrological Venus credo as seen in Venus as ruler of Taurus talent, self worth and the harnessing of same and Libra how qualities we embody earn response from others and this world.

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So to allow or worse yet! And it did. At best, that is. Startled and possibly already aroused, Eros reacts. His grip slips.

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Yes, love cuts both ways. But let us remember that astro-metaphysically, Psyche is non- emotional , making this a picture of our unemotional self witnessing erotic arousal—not in someone else, but in ourselves. In the story, Eros reacts by sprinkling his lover with drops of joy, an image as evocative as plainly erotic. But is this the soul being healed by desire? Given how the Venus principle states that we get what we earn which in relationship is known as like attracts like , is this about love as strength or love as weakness? And what about the asteroid Eros?

A member of the main belt Amor asteroid sub-group, Eros was discovered on August 13, at 22 Aquarius, a degree known for an abundance of creative and constructive energy both worldly and sexual. Also known as Ares among the Greeks, Mars was the quintessential warrior type who carried weapons like arrows around like you or I might carry around spare change.

Isolated in her beauty, Psyche gets very lonely. Psyche has parents too! And having successfully married off her sisters, said parents now become duly concerned with why their gorgeous daughter has suddenly become a total drag on the mythic marriage market. There she will meet her fate. But Psyche would rather have anything than the pain of psyche-o-logical the mental reality of isolation. Poor Psyche. Owning who you are is a lot harder than abdication of self, which is how Psyche and we tend to get in trouble with Things Venusian to begin with. Does she fall?

Having accepted her need to go on alone, Psyche is embraced by the gentle wind Zephyr and conducted to a sumptuous palace. There, unseen servants tend to her every need.

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If you saw me, perhaps you would fear me, perhaps adore me—all I ask is that you love me. I would rather you love me as an equal than adore me as a god. So we come to the crux of the mortal quandary. Eros desire requires trust. But can the soul and spirit—the mortal Psyche—trust Eros, or her own choice to be with someone she desires but cannot fully grasp? And why is that so hard? As the tale goes on, we learn that things go well for a while, but Psyche gets to where she cannot take living technically alone, even in the lap of luxury.

So she begs permission to visit her family and have them come and stay with her a while. With huge misgivings, Eros gives in. Awakened by its touch, Eros realizes what has happened and recognizes that he cannot trust a Psyche which cannot trust him. He flies away. Totally devastated, she makes her way home to her family only to have her jealous sisters commiserate with their Psyche only just as long as it takes for them to slip away and run to the mountaintop, hoping to be taken by Eros themselves never mind their husbands.

As for Psyche, having learned her lesson she turns to devoting herself to service and good works—not merely in the name of Venus, but in honor of all the Greek gods. In other words, in the cause of owning and honoring the whole of her life and being and capacity. And Venus responds.