Yogini dasha in astrology

He is interested in good and pure thoughts. The duration of Pingala Dasha is for two years. Sun is the Lord of Pingala Dasha. According to scholars, Sun is an aggressive planet. Due to this, Pingala Dasha causes diseases, heart problems and aggression in a person. This dasha is considered to be auspicious. A person achieves progress and success during this dasha. Jupiter is the karaka planet for religion and spirituality. It takes a person on pilgrimages and a righteous path. Mars is the Lord of Bhramari Dasha. Mars is an aggressive planet.

It may cause defamation, demotion and change of place. According to some scholars, Bhramari dasha causes problems in family life. However, it provides success with efforts and courage.

The duration of Bhadrika Dasha is for five years. Mercury is the Lord of Bhadrika Dasha. This dasha brings support and love to your life. Such a person makes many friends. He is respected and blessed by influential people and saints.

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It stays for six years. He belongs to the India Engineering Service and after successful stints in various capacities in the Ministry of Defence he branched off to various elite private sector organizations and senior managerial position in India and abroad. He has also established consultancy and contracting firms besides a manufacturing unit. Presently he is a consultant with Defence Research and Development Organization. Shri V. Rao besides his maiden venture on Yogini Dasha which he as a research student.

Introduction This book is the result of sustained probing of the classical principles laid out in Brihat Parashar Hora Shashtra, Mansagri etc. The credit to develop the probing mind goes to Institute of Astrology and Shri. Rao, the fountain head of new researches and modern application of Astrology. Our research class in the semester Jan.

The Challenge was to crack the riddle of progression of Yogini in different Cycles of Yogini. The Method presented in this book is the outcome of efforts of the author, the seed of this inequity was sown by Sh. Our Sages have commanded that Vimshotari and Yogini dasha have universal application and should be used in kaliyug.

Ulka Yogini Dasha - Ulka Yogini Dasha in Astrology

Vimshotari have a full cycle of years in nine nahshatras con tribute years of Yogini dasha. Yogini is thus micro Vimshtari dasha and delineation is be done with reference to nakshatra lord. Each Yogini originate from three or four nakshatras. Three nakshatras of each yogini cover all twelve signs in navamshas.

Three Yoginis Bhramari, Bhadrika and ulka originate from four nakshatras.

Two nakshatras have similar navamsha signs and are clubbed together which fulfill the cyclic continuity of the dasha scheme. It is therefore importance to mention nakshatra along with Yogini. Progressing the Yogini periods with the Vimshotri nakshatra lords is the key to the analysis of Yogini.

It is equally applicable to divisional charts and transit. The book is amply illustrated with examples. I am grateful to Shri. Rao for his guidance. Most of the example charts have taken from books of Sh. My prayers to Lord Mahadeva who is the giver of Yogini dasha. I sincerely hope that book will be of help to all lovers of Astrology.

Forward For many decades, we have been doing research in the use of different dashas given in Parashari and Jaimini texts. While now some of the Jaimini dashas have come into effective use, the nakshatra dashas of Parashara needed extensive and original research to discover effective predictive tools.

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  8. I had asked N. Sharma and Jhanjhi to do some work on Yogini Dasha many years ago and they produced a book which has been in use now. The fascination of Yogini dasha is that it seems to be the best of dashas for timing events even in cases where the uncertainty of birth time with slight error can give degrees of Moon which would need rectification. In the case of Yogini dasha, with the uncertified degrees of Moon, events can still be times with remarkable closeness.

    Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions

    A controversy arose in the case of Yogini mainly because of its shortness it being a dasha of only thirty six years. Life is not a story of exact replication of events of life of the first thirty six years in the next thirty six years. How is this riddle to be unraveled? In a research group of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, I discussed this with students and suggested many approaches which were : 1.

    If the first cycle of Yogini Dasha starts with janma nakshatra or the birth constellation, the second one could possibly start with Lagan or Sun etc. It would then give us different starting points for each of the cycle of Yogini Dasha. Will it solve the problem? Could we follow the Chara Dasha pattern and keep moving in Yogini Dasha in a systematic and chronological order as the nakshatras as spread on the zodiac?

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    The third method could be repeating the order of Yogini Dasha exactly as it is but changing the starting point of the second and third cycles from the next nakshatra so as not to the same horoscopes pattern for interpretation. This needs explaining. The next cycle could begin with Sharvan which is in Makara and therefore the changed starting point could be the pivotal point for the interpretation of the horoscope.

    It thus will follow the Chara dasha method of Jaimini retaining the nakshatra basis for astrological readings.

    Different students worked on it and came out with their own researches some of which have been published in the Journal of Astrology both in Hindi and English. Then one day Mr. Goel told me and the class that he had solved the riddle and briefly it was: I. Yogini Dasha will have to be progressed and the starting point for each cycle will have to be different to avoid mechanical repetition of the readings for the first cycle. It was logical and he demonstrated with some horoscopes both in the class room and at my place. The one major problem in Yogini Dasha is that with only eight Yogini it can cover only twenty four nakshatras out of twenty seven, leaving out three or necessitating the clubbing of the three with other nakshatras to make it all a her Monious scheme.

    Goel solved this problem by taking up the first three nakshatras, Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika and clubbing them with Poorva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapad and then Revati. The next stage was more challenging. It was to test on given horoscopes, logically and systematically known events and explain them applying the normal principles of interpretation. He did it in much case and particularly in mine in which he showed how in the year the progressed dasha in my case would reach the eighth house of serious sickness.

    This appealed and off and on I tried this method and found it working and explaining very cogently the event that happened.

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    I gave to him the horoscope of an Indian living in USA to whom I had given major predictions at a critical stage in his life after tracing some past events through my method of composite approach. Goel located the areas affected in the horoscope and the achievement or agony of the periods concerned. I have seen the manuscript of Mr. Goel and have suggested to him that he should include some chapter illustrating 1.

    The calculation of Yogini Dasha 2. The method of progression which is the soul of this research, 3. How in the progressed horoscope the changed Lagna gives a different starting point with planets changing their placement and ownership. In writing a book we have to keep in mind the three levels of students we come across, the beginner, the middle level and the advanced ones. The beginner should be able to feel Confident that he can handle Yogini Dasha with confidence, the middle level student should feel that he himself could proceed with his own researches on the lines given in the book and the advanced student should feel rewarded with the addition of new dasha with its potent uses to his repertoire of predictive techniques.

    I am happy that with this book the riddle of Yogini Dasha is solved very satisfactorily and there can be improvements on this research which is a major breakthrough.